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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Shameful Display by Pro-Abortion Advocates

If you’re not aware, there was a very shameful display by pro-abortion advocates in Texas yesterday. Legislators were meeting to vote on SB5, which was pro-life legislation aimed at, essentially, forcing abortion clinics to clean up their act. This shameful display only showed how far pro-abortion advocates are willing to go to bully others, even lawmakers. No one would stand for it if it were pro-life advocates acting like this, but it’s okay because they were on the side of abortion. It's worth pointing out that I rarely ever get political, and I certainly don't talk about politics much on this blog. But this really ground my gears, so I need to get this out.

Now I usually take more care to make a distinction between someone who is pro-choice and pro-abortion (as most pro-choice people don’t like abortion, they just view it as a necessary evil). But not a single person there last night was pro-choice. Every person there was pro-abortion. Even Planned Parenthood’s own Cecile Richards lent her voice to the unruly mob via Twitter, and Planned Parenthood retweeted her egging on of the mob. Even pro-abortion President Barack Obama tweeted that something special was happening in Austin. Does our own president have no respect for the judicial process?

So what, exactly, was SB5? Brad Mattes of LifeNews says of the bill: First, let me tell you what SB5 does not do. Contrary to the pro-abortion media and activists, women won’t die and abortion will not be banned in the state. What the bill would do is stop all late-term abortion after 20 weeks, well after science has established the baby feels pain. It would also require that abortionists have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles. SB5 seeks to protect women’s health by bringing all abortion facilities up to a standard level of medical care required by other outpatient surgical centers."

There was nothing in the wording of the bill that said these Planned Parenthood facilities must close down. What it would force them to do is to exhibit the same health and safety standards of any medical facility, and force abortion “doctors” to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles. You know, in case the doctor botches it and needs to save her life. But can’t be letting the actual dangers of abortion go public. It’s inconsistent to claim you want to protect women’s health, but you don’t believe Planned Parenthood should conduct themselves at the health and safety standards of any medical facility. The fact that this bill would shut down 37 of Texas’ 42 abortion clinics is not a fault of the bill, but it does shed light on the abominable practices of Planned Parenthood, including not holding themselves to any sort of health or safety standard.

A state Democrat, Wendy Davis, filibustered on the floor for some 10 or 11 hours before finally being pulled off the floor with only an hour remaining before the vote would be nullified. That’s when the mob stepped in and screamed and shouted so loud that they couldn’t get a vote in in time, effectively shutting down the legislative process. Since they couldn’t win fairly, their only recourse was to shout and scream so that a vote couldn’t be taken. When a vote was finally held, they sealed it at three minutes after midnight, so that the vote didn’t count. For more on this, you can see an article by the Examiner here.

Make no mistake. Abortion is not legal because it’s right. Abortion is not legal because the majority demand it. Abortion is legal because of legislative bullying by pro-abortion advocates and organizations, and because an activist judge (Blackmun) decided to support his own agenda rather than every piece of evidence in the world that the unborn are human beings and deserve our protection. I have respect for my pro-choice friends and some other pro-choice people that I know, but I have no respect for the ideology that claims that parents have no special responsibility to their children, and that they may dispose of them as they see fit. I have confidence that the truth will one day prevail and despite Planned Parenthood’s best efforts, abortion will once more be illegal, and respect for all human life will once again be established.

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