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Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: A Year in Review

I'm a few days late, but here's a year-end review for my pro-life activities.

I'm a certified mentor and speaker for Justice for All, a pro-life organization that seeks to mentor students and adults in effective pro-life ambassadorship. Not only making well-reasoned arguments for the pro-life position, but to do so in a winsome manner, having good discussions with pro-choice people.

Earlier this year, I spoke and mentored at three JFA seminars and outreaches here in my hometown of Fresno. In the Summer, I accompanied JFA to Irvine, speaking and mentoring at two seminars (in Alisa Viejo), then to UC Irvine for the outreaches. In September, I flew to Kansas to speak and mentor at two seminars (one in Lawrence and one in Atchison), then to Kansas University for the outreaches. Finally in October, I flew to Oklahoma to accompany JFA again for three seminars (one in Stillwater, one in Yukon, and one in Del City), then to Oklahoma State University for three days of outreach.

In November, I went to a local college to give a pro-life presentation to a philosophy club. And that same month I was a guest on a podcast/radio show, talking about the scientific, philosophical, and Biblical case for the pro-life position. You can find the archive here.

Additionally, as you may or may not know, I started this blog this year on July 5. I have also lent contributions to the Christian Apologetic Alliance blog, as well as the Secular Pro-Life blog. One of my articles was picked up by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) newsletter, and another was picked up by LifeNews for use on their site. I also wrote an article on RU486 for the Life News Australia website. (I'll provide a link to them below.)

The articles that I have written this year are as follows:

An introductory post, describing a little bit about myself and giving a brief examination to terms used in the abortion issue. (7/5/12)

A post examining a case of a woman who attempted suicide, killing her preborn child in the process. (7/5/12)

An article on a common pro-choice thought experiment. (7/5/12)

An article on sex-selection abortions. (7/5/12)

An article on the scientific case for the humanity of the preborn. (7/5/12)

A response to a YouTube video making a logical case for abortion. (7/10/12)

A response to another YouTube video. (7/17/12)

A pair of articles examining when human personhood begins. (7/23/12, 8/6/12)

An article on a pro-choice graphic that's making the rounds on Facebook. (8/13/12)

An article on the weakest and strongest pro-choice arguments. (8/17/12)

An article responding to a critique of pro-life Atheists. (8/20/12)

A trio of articles examining if abortion is moral in the "hard cases." (9/16/12, 9/29/12, 10/10/12)

An article on RU486. (10/12/12) This article was used on the Life Network Australia site, which you can find here.

An article on the Biblical case against abortion. (10/30/12)

An article on a common pro-choice logical fallacy. (11/1/12) This article was used in the National Right to Life Committee newsletter. You can find the article here.

An article explaining some of the pro-life work I've been doing. (11/17/12)

A trio of articles on how philosophy should be used in the abortion issue. (11/19/12, 11/30/12, 12/9/12) The first article in the series was picked up by LifeNews, under the title Philosophical Arguments Destroy "Pro-Choice" Case on Abortion. You can find the article here.

I answered some questions posed to pro-life advocates. (11/21/12)

And finally, I examined Frank Beckwith's Substance View argument against abortion. (12/17/12)

It's been a busy year, and 2013 promises to be even busier. Thank you to everyone who reads, and I hope you continue to find my articles interesting and helpful in your discussions.


  1. How do you become a certified mentor and speaker for Justice for All?

    1. Hi, Krysti:

      If you're interested in pursuing a mentorship through Justice for All, please shoot me an e-mail.